😲 SHOCK! Mom Breaks Down $5000 Per Month Childcare Costs 🀱

mom shocked when looking at bill

Hey supermoms!

A TikTok has come out where a mama breaks down how she pays over $5,000 a MONTH for daycare for her two kids. $5k! Per month! 😱

More than your Mortgage?

That’s more than most people’s rent or mortgage. For BABYSITTING!

In fact, that’s exactly what one commenter said:

“I’ve had friends with kids say it’s like paying an extra mortgage payment!”

And forget nannies – in big cities, they can run you $30/hour per kid. Better start buying lottery tickets now! πŸ’Έ

Between diapers, food, activities and medical bills, being a mom ain’t cheap. But daycare takes the cake for biggest splurge.

Is it Worth it to Go Back to Work?

No wonder more of us are considering quitting our jobs to stay home! Even with a career, most of your salary goes down the daycare drain.

What’s a mama to do? We want what’s best for our lil’ nuggets, but we’ve gotta live too. Major catch-22.

Why so Expensive?

The comments on this video totally resonated. As one mama said:

“Worst part. The actual daycare workers get paid Pennies compared to what the company charges.”

So true!

Cheaper Elsewhere

Some mos shared how it costs way less where they live.

One mom (in the US) pays just $350 a month total for full time care.

And across the border in Quebec (Canada) it’s only $7-8 a day!

Mind blown.

Watch the Video Then Comment Below!

How much do you pay per month for childcare? What’s the solution?

@sheisapaigeturner Replying to @GrammyGreat I know that nobody wants to believe that daycare actually cost $5000 a month for four kids but it does. We are honestly paying on the cheaper side for childcare at this point in time. childcare has become incredibly expensive and inaccesible. #daycare #daycarechronicles101 #costofdaycare #childcare #childcarecrisis #momof4kids #workingmoms #familybudget ♬ original sound – Paige

Someday our kids will understand the sacrifices we make. Until then, gotta keep swimming supermoms. We’re all in this together! Hugs! πŸ€—

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