🎥WATCH: Genius Alexa Hack for Parents (Automate your Mornings!) ☕

robot and children cleaning their teeth

Hey supermoms!

Have you seen this genius parenting hacks YouTube video making the rounds?

It’s a dad sharing his genius Alexa hacks to keep the kiddos on track in the mornings. Talk about parenting goals!

This clever father has Alexa set to nag…err, REMIND his kids about every little thing they need to do to get out the door on time.

dad telling his kids he's not nagging he's reminding

From waking them up, to brushing teeth, finding shoes, packing lunches – Alexa can cover it all!

My favorite part? The “Daddy bus leaves in 2 minutes!” announcement 😂 You know that’s gotta strike fear into the hearts of sluggish kids everywhere!

Just watch how technologically savvy this dad is at automating his mornings:

How brilliant is that? No more nagging from mom or dad. Just good ol’ Alexa laying down the household law, haha!

The Morning Struggle

We all know the morning struggle is REAL when you’re a parent. Kids take forever, they space out, they conveniently “forget” all their to-dos. This dad’s Alexa tricks could be a total game-changer.

Supermoms, would you ever put Alexa in charge of your morning routine?

Could automating the reminders make things run smoother?

Or would your kids just tune out the robot voice?

Share your thoughts below! How would you use Alexa to hack parenting? We wanna know all the tips and tricks.

Huge kudos to this innovative dad for thinking outside the box. At the end of the day, anything that makes parenting easier is a win in our books. You’ve got this, supermoms!

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