❤️ WATCH ❤️ Heartwarming Reaction: Boy Meets Baby Brother for First Time

boy holds baby on couch

Hi, supermoms! Get ready for your hearts to absolutely melt.

I just watched the sweetest video of a little boy’s reaction to meeting his newborn baby brother for the first time in the hospital.

His pure, overjoyed innocence will have you reaching for the tissues.

Boy Meets Baby Sibling for First Time

The moment those nursery doors open and he lays eyes on his new sibling, his whole face lights up.

With tears visibly welling up, he rushes over and excitedly whispers:

“Hi…you’re my best friend forever!”

He then turns to his beaming mom and, crying even harder, gleefully says:

“I’m really excited!”

You can tell this tender-hearted kid is already imagining all the adventures and memories they’ll make together.

Watch Below

You HAVE to see this quick clip for yourself. Fair warning – you may start joyfully sobbing too:

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I’d love to hear if any of you supermoms have had similarly sweet bonding moments between your little ones. Spill the stories in the comments – we’re all here for the warm fuzzies!

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