🎥 Watch: Average cost of raising a child REVEALED (Insanely Expensive!)

mom shocked when looking at bill

Hey supermoms!

A video’s making the rounds right now exposing the cost of raising a child – and it’s WILD!

Chilcare costs more than College!?

The eye-opening video reveals just how expensive it is for families today. Childcare costs as much as college tuition! Even middle class families struggle to cover basic expenses.

Moms know firsthand how those diapers, wipes and toys add up. For many, daycare just isn’t feasible.

Economists estimate the total cost of raising a child from birth to 17 is now over $286,000! Just imagine how quickly that adds up with more kids.

Can Policies Fix It?

Policies like the Child Tax Credit help relieve the burden, but some say our system still falls short for parents.

We lack things like subsidized childcare and national paid family leave.

Many advocate for policies like:

  • Expanded Child Tax Credit
  • Universal childcare access
  • Paid leave programs

We want what’s best for our kids. But the financial stress is so real! Watch this vid then tell us – should childraising costs be more subsidized?

Watch then Comment in the Discussion Below!

Vent about the expenses and share creative money saving tips! We’re all in this together, supermoms. Hugs!

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