🎥WATCH: 🐶Dog Cares for Unattended Baby (Amazing Gentle Instincts)

dog and baby snuggling

Hey supermoms!

I’ve got a video to share that’s equal parts heartwarming and slightly concerning.

It shows a dog keeping a watchful eye over an unattended baby on a bed.

Whenever the little one cries, the sweet pup gently licks its forehead, almost like it’s trying to soothe and reassure the baby that it’s not alone.

Watch the Video

Just look at this tender interaction:

Aww, how adorable is that doggy?

Reactions from Moms

One commenter said:

“That puppy was more attentive than I’ve seen some parents be!”

You can really feel the dog’s nurturing instinct kick in.

At the same time, a responsive mom pointed out some valid safety concerns in her video reply (below).

Mom and Dog Owner Responds – She’s Concerned!

This mom notes the baby looks precariously placed on the edge of the bed, creating fall risks.

So while that doggy’s intentions seem pure, we have to be super cautious about leaving babies unattended with any pet, no matter how gentle.

Their safety should always come first.

Dogs Licking Babies – Okay or Not?

A commenter also explored the possibility of the dog spreading germs:

“It’s generally recommended to avoid letting dogs lick infants, particularly on their face, mouth, or hands…Even a well-groomed and healthy dog can carry germs.”

What do you think? Share your thoughts below.

Supermoms, let’s discuss! How would you feel watching a dog interact with your baby like that?

Do any of you have fur babies that seem to have that same protective instinct? Share your thoughts below!

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