😢 I lost my temper at my kids (…and now I feel horrible)

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A video has gone viral of a tiktok mom talking about how she lost her temper with her kids and how it impacted he (and them!).

The speaker started off the day by yelling at her children due to the high-stress environment in their home.

She shared her struggles as a mother, including the ongoing emotionally charged atmosphere with her kids.

Her outburst led to her kids becoming frightened of her, a realization that made her feel remorseful.

Finding a Remedy

To remedy the situation, the mother chose to apologize and explain to her children that just like them, she too can become overwhelmed with her emotions.

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She reflected on the unseen difficulties of parenthood, specifically the emotional demands and need for constant regulation of emotion, stating that these are more challenging than perceived common issues such as loss of freedom or sleep.

She expressed feelings of isolation and guilt, thinking that she might be the only parent facing such circumstances.

However, this mother logically understands this is not true as most people only show their best parenting moments publicly.

Her Message to all Moms out There

Despite her guilt, she emphasized the importance of acknowledging mistakes and apologizing, highlighting that parents are human and imperfect.

She ended on a hopeful note, expressing her wishes to turn the day around and have a better day with her children.

Source: YouTube

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