Burnout: Read a Mom’s Relatable Real Talk (Teenagers Exhausting me!)

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Hey Supermoms!

If you’re feeling completely depleted lately, like you’re running on fumes both physically and mentally, you’re definitely not alone.

Mom burnout is very real.

Between the endless daily grind of housework, childcare, and likely also juggling a job, it’s no wonder we all hit wall eventually. We give and give until there’s simply nothing left in the tank.

What are the Signs of Burnout?

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The signs of burnout can look like:

  • exhaustion
  • irritability
  • lack of motivation
  • anxiety
  • feelings of detachment from your kids

And moms often downplay or ignore the symptoms, telling ourselves to just power through.

But ignoring it only leads to further depletion.

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Burnout as a parent. Does it get better?
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How to Handle Burnout

The truth is, we have to prioritize replenishing ourselves, even when it feels indulgent or selfish.

We cannot show up as our best parent selves if we’re constantly running on empty.

So what’s a burnt-out mom to do?

1. Seek Support

First and foremost, ask for more help. Don’t be afraid to lean hard on your partner, family and friends for extra support during the toughest stretches. It really does take a village!

2. Personal Activities

Next, identify what activities, even if just 10-15 minutes a day, help you unwind and refocus. A hot bath, quick meditation, walk around the block – whatever provides a mini respite. Schedule it like an important appointment that can’t be missed.

3. Solo Time

When you can swing it, get out of the house solo for a change of scenery – go to a coffee shop, bookstore, or even sit in your car listening to music. Any time away in a different environment helps you reset.

4. Don’t Aim for Perfect

And perhaps most critically, resolve to scale back on perfectionism and cut yourself some slack. The house will get messy sometimes. Dinner will be thrown together. It’s all okay! We’re not superhuman. Embracing a “good enough” mentality is so freeing.

5. Reclaim your Identity

Finally, take a step back and rediscover activities and interests that light you up beyond just being “mom.” Reawaken parts of your identity you may have let slip. That individual fulfillment goes a long way.

You Got This!

The road is long, supermoms, but we got this! Burnout is temporary if we proactively fight against it. Share your stories and tips for self-care in the comments. We’re all in this together!

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