🎥 TED TALK: Moms are Miserable. Here’s Why.

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Hey supermoms!

I’ve got an insightful TED Talk to share that tackles an issue too many of us face – feeling alone and unfulfilled amid motherhood.

Why Many Moms are Miserable

The pressures we put on ourselves, compounded by social media comparison, leave so many of us feeling like failures at times.

Research shows women have reported less life satisfaction than men since the 1970s – a startling statistic.

But the biggest eye-opener?

Social isolation negatively impacts health more than obesity! Having few close friendships puts us at real risk.

The solution?

mothers meeting up for a coffee

The speaker says the solution it to nurture our social bonds and surround ourselves with a strong support network.

We need to reach out regularly and make time for our mom tribe, no matter how busy life gets.

As the speaker explains, those cherished friendships don’t just fulfill us emotionally. Strong connections make our lives feel meaningful, seen, and valued.

Watch Here:

It’s a wakeup call we all need to hear. Take a look at this powerful TED Talk:

Your Thoughts?

Supermoms, I’d love to hear your perspectives. Do you struggle with feelings of loneliness as a mom? Have close girlfriends made a difference in your mental health and self-worth?

Share your stories, wisdom, and insights in the comments. The more we have these conversations, the sooner we can make positive change.

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