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Hey supermoms!

I stumbled across an insightful reddit discussion that tackles a question we all inevitably face as parents – when is enough, enough?

How do you know if you’re truly “one and done” or if you want to expand your family further?

How Many Kids do you Want?

The original poster on the reddit thread (embedded below) is a mom turning 37 and has an almost 11-month-old.

She candidly asks the group when people made that pivotal decision about being done having kids or wanting more.

The responses were refreshingly varied, showcasing how personal this choice truly is.

Mom Wants Two: Here’s Why

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One mom commented that she knew almost immediately at 4 months postpartum that she wanted to try for a second baby.

What struck me most was her soulful reflection on the beautiful sibling bond her two kids share, despite the constant bickering:

“I just love seeing my kids interact with each other, and I love that they have each other to grow up with together…One time, I put him in his high chair and pushed it up to the table. He started having a meltdown…My daughter said matter-of-factly, ‘He’s upset because you pushed in his chair and he wanted me to do it.'”

Gah, isn’t that the sweetest example of siblings innately understanding and looking out for each other?

She goes on to share more stories of their magical connection and moments of unconditional love. It’s clear she has zero regrets about having a second child.

Another Mother: “I’m One and Done”

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On the flip side, another commenter exemplifies how fulfillment manifests differently for each of us.

Though she and her husband initially thought they’d want two kids, they ended up being completely content with just their one daughter at age 9:

“We started by (about once a year after our daughter was born) checking in with the other on where we were at and every time neither of us was interested in a second…We have no regrets. It’s been so nice to get more personal and couple time back as she gets older.”

Read the Full Discussion Below:

What stopped you from/made you want to have a second baby?
byu/Confident-Disaster23 inParenting

What’s your Perspective? (And Why)

Share your reasons for being “one and done” or craving a bigger family. There’s wisdom in hearing each other’s thought processes.

At the end of the day, we all have to listen to our deepest intuitions and trust there is no right or wrong way. Just the path that feels right for our individual family’s needs and circumstances.

So tell us, supermoms! Are you approaching this pivotal decision in your own minds? Any mixed feelings to unpack? Pour your hearts out below – this is a safe place to process.

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