💔 Heartbreaking Video: Mother Goes on Vacation, Leaves Baby for 8 Days

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In a disturbing incident, a 16-month-old child named Jileen Calendario was reported deceased, with her mother, Crystal Calendario, charged. Watch the story below.

Neighbors Interviewed

Iris and Sue Lemon, neighbors who had previous experience taking care of Jileen, were heartbroken at the loss of the baby and expressed their enduring love for the child.

They shared that they were initially introduced to baby Jileen in August of the previous year when the mother had left the child with them for a much longer period than expected.

The tragedy unfolded when the 31-year-old mother admitted in court documents to have left Jileen at home alone on June 8th while she went on vacation to Puerto Rico and Detroit.

What Happened to the Baby?

When the mother returned eight days later, she reportedly found Jileen unresponsive which lead to an ensuing investigation.

Iris and Sue Lemon expressed their regret, wishing that Crystal Calendario had asked them to care for Jileen during her absence (as they had done so previously).

They reflected on the child they loved:

“Jileen was always playing and smiling”

The incident is left with an ongoing investigation by the relevant authorities as Iris and Sue Lemon mourn the tragic loss while pleading for justice for the child whose life was cut so short.

Watch Here:

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