🎥❤️ Oprah Interview: The Hardest (But Most Important) Thing Every Parent Should Do (WATCH HERE)

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Hey supermoms! Buckle up for some parenting truths we all need to hear.

This inspiring TikTok reminds us that our job is to raise strong, independent kids – not keep them hanging onto us forever!

As much as we love feeling “needed,” we’ve got to let our lil’ birds fly from the nest when the time comes.

It’s not Easy!

It’s not easy to step back and let our kids rely on their inner strength. But preparing them to handle life on their own is the greatest gift we can give.

Become Irrelevant.

Watch this wise mama explain how becoming “irrelevant” helps our children spread their wings. It’s a must-see perspective for all parents!

Remember: they need us less so they can BE more. Let’s give our kids the power of independence!

Now go watch and share with fellow moms. This message needs spreading! Hugs!

Watch Here:

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