🤱How far would you go to save your kid?

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A video has come out discussing various mothers sharing how far they would go to protect their kids.

In the video, a diverse group of mothers participated where they were asked:

What would you (and have you) done to protect your child?

A recurring theme among the mothers is the protective instincts of a mother, commonly referred to as “mama bear” mode.

The majority stated unequivocally that they’d do anything in order to safeguard their kids – including harming others.

One mother mentions even potentially endangering herself by being confrontational for her child’s sake.

However, there are mixed opinions.

Some mothers weren’t sure, with one emphasizing the importance of legal means, and a couple clearly avowed not to cross that line.

What the Mothers have Done

Several mothers shared instances when they have had to stand up for their kids.

One common experience mentioned includes dealing with physical altercations.

For example, one mother relates her encounter with another parent whose child was hitting hers.

Some mothers have had to step in due to their kids being bullied. This includes instances related to their children’s gender identity or sexual orientation.

Extreme Measures

A few mothers discussed severe situations that called for drastic measures.

These include having to cut off parents, enter into physical fights with relatives or the child’s father.

Particularly poignant is a mother’s account of escaping from an unsafe domestic situation for the safety of her baby girl.

“How do you want to be remembered?”

The participating mothers desire to be remembered by their kids as loving, resilient, and accepting.

They want their kids to know they will go to any lengths for them.

Movie Promotion

The context for these discussions revolves around the promotion of the movie “The Mother” starring Jennifer Lopez, a story of an assassin who becomes a mother, steps out of hiding to protect her estranged daughter.

That forms the basis of the topic asking if the mothers would kill for their children.

Watch the video here:

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