WATCH:💸Should you Share a Bank Account with your Husband?

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Hey supermoms!

Today we’re diving into a hot topic that every married couple has to navigate – money and finances.

Specifically, whether or not to combine incomes and bank accounts once you tie the knot.

Money Options Post-Marraige

There are lots of different perspectives on this.

  • Combine it All: Some firmly believe that when you marry your lives become one, so all assets should be pooled together into joint accounts. The old saying “what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine.”
  • Shared Expenses Only: Others prefer to keep things more separate – having individual accounts, contributing set amounts to shared expenses, but largely maintaining financial independence.
  • Keep your own Kitty Bank: Independent women need their own independent money, no?

It’s an personal decision that couples have to make based on their values, attitudes about money, and what works best for their situation.

Rachel Cruze: What’s Mine is Yours!

Dave Ramsey’s adult daughter Rachel Cruze has thrown her two cents into the debate with this spicy take:

“If you can share a bed, you can share your money.”

I’ll let Rachel explain her rationale in her own words. Take a look at this short video then let me know what you think in the comments!

What’s your Take? Comment Below.

So what’s your take, supermoms? Totally merged finances? Keep it separate? A blend of both? There’s no right or wrong answer – it’s what works for your family.

But I’m definitely curious to hear your different perspectives and experiences! Lay it on me in the comments. This is valuable insight we can all learn from.

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