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A reader submitted this heartwarming story of her son and his friends celebrating each other’s cultures. It reminds us: sometimes our kids blow us away with their openness and kindness.

You won’t believe what my son and his friends came up with all by themselves.

Picture this: a bunch of teenagers from different backgrounds, gathering around in our living room, each one sharing a bit of their culture.

No adults suggesting it, no school project requiring it – they just decided it was something they wanted to do.

My son, who’s been finding his feet at a new school, seems to have hit his stride, but not in the way I expected.

Instead of just hanging out or playing video games, they’ve started this thing they call a “Culture Circle.”

It’s like a potluck, but instead of just food, they share stories, music, dances, anything that says something about where they come from.

The first time they did it, I was skeptical. I thought they’d lose interest or it would be awkward.

But I was wrong.

They were into it, asking questions, laughing, and really listening to each other. It was as if they’d discovered a new way to connect, beyond what’s usual for kids their age.

And the beauty of it? It was all their idea.

This wasn’t some adult-led initiative to teach kids about diversity. They saw value in learning about each other’s backgrounds and just went for it.

My kid is absolutely awesome.

I love that each month they take turns. One month, my son would talk about our family’s traditions, then next, one of his friends would share something from their heritage.

It’s been eye-opening, not just for them, but for me too.

I’ve learned things about our neighbors and our community that I never knew before.

But most importantly to me, it’s amazing to see my son making friends in such a wholesome way.

I’m so proud of him!

Looking back, I think what they’ve done is pretty remarkable. It’s easy to talk about wanting to understand and respect each other’s differences, but these kids are actually doing it.

And they’re having a blast at the same time. It gives you hope, doesn’t it?

That maybe the next generation is onto something good, finding their own way to make the world a little smaller, a little closer, one story at a time.

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