🎥WATCH: Things I Said I Would Never Do As A Parent (That I Do All the Time!) 🤦‍♀️

mom with cheeky look on her face

Hi supermoms, do I have a hilarious video to share with you all today!

This brave mom gets painfully real about all the things she swore she’d NEVER do as a parent…and then ended up doing anyway.

From junk food and co-sleeping, to forgetting to pick up your kids, to minivans and yelling fits – no topic is off limits!

Serious truth bombs

kid waits alone in rain for mom to pick him up

If you’ve ever judged other moms before having kids yourself, just wait until you hear this candid confession.

We’ve all been there! Prepare for some serious truth bombs.

This funny lady rips away the rose-colored glasses of idealistic pre-parent life.

Her vulnerable realness is so refreshing and relatable.

You do this, too?

kid getting into minivan

Get ready to nod along and think “Yup, me too!” as she hilariously calls out her own hypocrisies. It’s parenting in the raw!

Grab a cup of coffee and get ready for some comedy therapy, moms.

If you’re anything like this mom, your “never” list goes out the window once those sweet little ones arrive.

Watch Here:

Perfection is impossible

The key message I got from the video?

Perfection is impossible – keeping your sense of humor is mandatory!

Share below what you do as a mom that you said you’d never do!

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